For over 100 years, T. R. Miller has depended on the abundance of natural resources to provide the mill with a constant supply of raw materials.  No company has been a better example of the ideals of conservation and proper environmental management than T. R. Miller Mill Company.

In 1946, T. R. Miller joined forces with the U.S. Forest Service and allocated over 3,000 acres of company timberland to create the Escambia Experimental Forest.  This working laboratory continues to study our management practices, ensuring a sustainable forest on our company lands.

T. R. Miller and Cedar Creek Land & Timber have been recognized for our forest management and stewardship practices, including being named Forest Conservationist of the Year by the Alabama Wildlife Federation.

Our professional foresters work with private landowners to procure additional wood for our mill.  By providing economic incentives for forest investment, today the forest industry is the largest industry in the state of Alabama.  Currently 71% of the state’s acreage (more than 23 million acres) is forestland.  Alabama’s forest has increased by over one million acres since 1990.  We are proud to be a contributor to this environmental success story.

Timber is only one of the many resources found on our company lands.  Our management practices recognize and protect numerous lakes, streams, and rivers within our ownership.  There are also game preserves and breeding areas for wildlife where supplemental food sources are maintained annually.

When it comes to woodlands management, T. R. Miller is “The Natural Choice.”

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