Wood Procurement

T. R. Miller Mill Company, Inc. has been operating since 1872 and takes pride in many long-term relationships and repeat customers.  We specialize in growing, procuring and harvesting quality timber for our own use and for sale to others.

T. R. Miller has always focused on producing the highest quality and highest value products from the timber it harvests.  As a result, we are able to provide landowners maximum value for their timber.  Our sawmill can utilize large sawlogs to smaller chip-n-saw logs.  With this diversification, we are able to offer the landowner a total timber management plan from first thinning of pine plantations to seed tree cuts to final harvest cuts.  We operate mechanized thinning crews which specialize in thinning of pine plantations, leaving higher grade residual trees for future cuts.  We also own one of the largest privately owned longleaf forests in the South and are experts in longleaf management and natural regeneration.

While T. R. Miller’s sawmill provides an excellent market for grade logs, our pole operation provides the apex market for timber, transmission, and utility poles.  We manufacture transmission poles that provide maximum value for poles over 85 feet in length.  A longtime leader in the pole business, we also produce piling and can find the landowner maximum returns for smaller timber.

Our Company land base and manufacturing operations have allowed us to become a major supplier for three of the largest paper companies in the Southeast.  We are able to offer private landowners the best prices for their pine and hardwood pulpwood due to the high volume of fiber that we sell each year.  Our land base also allows us to maintain a stable high quality logging force, many of whom have been associated with T. R. Miller over fifty years.

Our timber procurement personnel are second to none in service and quality.  Our strength is our experience and market access to ensure maximum value for the landowner.  We have registered foresters on staff and can develop customized management plans for the smallest or largest of landowners.

Our procurement area stretches from east Mississippi to the Apalachicola River in Florida, and from Pensacola, Florida to Montgomery, Alabama.  Our local professional staff is readily available to assist you in any timber management or harvesting activity.

Wood Procurement Sales, Purchases and Services

We Buy:  Logs, Poles, Piling, Pulpwood (Pine and Hardwood)
We Sale:  Pulpwood (Pine & Hardwood)
Other Services:  Land Management Plans, Timber Value Appraisals
Contact Us And Let Our Wood Procurement Department Help You

Wood Procurement Manager: Michael Nowling 251-867-1287 michael@trmillermill.com

Procurement Agent: Jeff Locklin 251-867-4331 (Ext.338) jlocklin@trmillermill.com

Procurement Agent: Keith Barrow 251-867-4331(Ext.337) kbarrow@trmillermill.com

Procurement Agent:  Chris Hudson 251-867-1216 chudson@trmillermill.com