Department Directory

If you know which party or department you need assistance from, please choose from the list in this section to reach your party directly. You may also leave a general inquiry here. We look forward to serving you.

Lumber, Specialty and Lattice Divisions (SALES)

Sales Manager: Robbie Floyd 251-867-1201

Sales Representative: Willie Johnson 251-867-1227

Sales Representative: Chrystal Hillman 251-867-1228

Poles and Piling Division (SALES)

Sales Manager: Robby Floyd 251-867-1201

Poles and Piling Sales Representative: Jimmy McCracken 251-867-1223

Poles and Piling Sales Representative: Don Lucas 251-867-1234

Sales Coordinator: Dan Cox 251-867-1224

Wood Procurement and Fiber Divisions (SALES)

Wood Procurement Manager: Michael Nowling 251-867-1287

Procurement Agent: Jeff Locklin 251-867-4331 (Ext.338)

Procurement Agent: Keith Barrow 251-867-4331 (Ext.337)

Procurement Agent: Chris Hudson 251-867-1216

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Director: Michael Baty 251-867-1249

Industrial Nurse: Denise Brantley 251-867-1217

Safety Director: Richard Hawthorne 251-867-1218

Accounting Department

Executive Assistant / Pension Plan: Linda Jackson 251-867-1259

IT Manager: Frances Carden 251-867-1292

Accounts Payable: Rita Monk 251-867-1258

Accounts Receivable: Brooke Hartin 251-867-1294

Payroll: Rhonda Salter 251-867-1293

Procurement Payroll: Rita Monk 251-867-1258

Transportation / Logistics / Purchasing: Mitch Smith 251-867-1238

Staff Personnel

CEO / President: Ricky Stanley 251-867-1282

CFO: Kenneth Greco 251-867-1232

Operations Manager: Daniel Gravely 251-867-1212

Lumber / Specialty Production Manager: Ricky Williamson 251-867-1220

Poles and Piling Production Manager: Ron Cauley 251-867-1284

Lattice Production Manager: Richard Hawthorne 251-867-1273

Wood Procurement / Fiber Sales Manager: Michael Nowling 251-867-1287