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T. R. Miller's sawmill is one of the 150 largest softwood lumber manufacturers in the U.S.  For over 136 years, T. R. Miller has been producing various grades of quality Southern Yellow Pine lumber to meet any customer need.  Today the Lumber Division produces dimension lumber from 2 x 4's to 2 x 12's, from 2 feet to 20 feet in length.  Radius edge decking (5/4 x 6) is also available.

T. R. Miller has always focused on maximizing the utilization of each and every tree.  From the time a tree stem enters our log yard until it is sent to our dry kiln, it is computer scanned and oriented for sawing at least five different times, seeking to recover the maximum number of boards for every tree harvested.  Nothing is wasted; sawdust and bark are burned in our boilers to dry our lumber, and residual chips and shavings are sold to other manufacturers.

Our planer mill operation utilizes the latest technology in the industry to ensure quality lumber for our customers.  Every board is computer scanned and x-rayed for moisture, density, size, and material defect.  Independent quality compliance audits are done both by the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) and the American Lumber Standards (ALS), providing additional quality assurance for all our customers.  From MSR and Prime, to #3 and #4 grades, our customers can be certain that our products meet or exceed grade specifications.

With truck and rail service, coupled with access to the Alabama State Docks in Mobile, T. R. Miller can service both domestic and export markets.  When it comes to quality lumber, T. R. Miller is "The Natural Choice."

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